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Pump Therapy that Revolves Around You


ACCU-Chek® Spirit   

  • 3 operating menus - Program the insulin pump according to your level of experience and your requirements. 
  • Variable basal rate profiles - The ACCU-Chek® Spirit provides 5 basal rate profiles to match your body's needs. Twenty four variable hourly basal rates and insulin delivery every 3 minutes closely resembles pancreas function. 
  • Bolus options - Four different bolus variations (quick, standard, extended up to 12 hours and multiwave for highly tailored insulin delivery), a quick delivery and the two-step bolus. 
  • Innovative safety system - Dual microprocessors perform over 9 million safety checks every day. All alerts and/or error messages are clear and explicit with three different alarm settings. An integrated Key Lock prevents against unintentional activation of functions. 
  • Easy to operate - Tactile buttons make it possible to operate the pump reliably and discreetly under clothing. 180° reversible LCD screen with backlight at the touch of a button.

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Health and Wellness Tip

Injecting insulin into the same spot can cause lumps and wasting of the muscle. This makes it harder for insulin to be absorbed. Change the site you use each time you inject. Use one area of the body and inject 1-inch from the previous injection. When using the stomach, stay 2-inches away from the naval.