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Investor Relations

Company Overview

CCS Medical is a rapidly growing provider of quality home medical supplies and services to patients with chronic conditions throughout the United States. By working closely with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations we ensure the seamless coordination and efficient delivery of critical medical supplies directly to our patients' doorsteps. We are a leader in the industry and are recognized as the most-recommended provider by healthcare professionals because of our commitment to quality, compliance and superior customer care.


Providing low-cost, high-quality products and services to improve the lives of individuals managing chronic conditions.


  1. Service. Improve someone else's life.
    Service is the reason we are in business. Our primary job is to help improve the lives of others, and that should be our standard no matter what function we're performing.

  2. Integrity. Always do the right thing.
    This applies regardless of whether or not someone else is looking. And this is obviously important to all our work-related relationships.

  3. Respect. Treat others the way they wanted to be treated.
    This is a slight modification of the Golden Rule - a time-tested, universal standard.

  4. Commitment. You Can Count on Me!
    This phrase sums up a level of commitment that everyone wants and understands.

  5. Leadership. Drive Innovative Change.
    To be successful, we must be open to innovative change - ready, willing and able to adapt.
Corporate Background and Experience
  • Founded in 1994 in Clearwater, Florida
  • Geographic sales centers divided across the United States
  • Pharmacy licenses or permits in all states
  • CHAP Accredited
  • The Joint Commission Accredited
Corporate Executives

CCS Medical Investor Line: 1-800-726-9811

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