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How Insulin Pump Therapy Helps You Live the Life You Want 

At CCS Medical, we don’t just deliver medical supplies; we deliver peace of mind. Many people just like you have found that using an insulin pump instead of multiple daily injections has given them more freedom and flexibility.

An insulin pump allows you to:

  • Skip a meal if you need to 
  • Exercise when you want to
  • Travel more easily 
  • Have the flexibility to dose insulin without having to step away or go to a private location

People who wear insulin pumps feel like they have the ability to make diabetes fit their lives – instead of the other way around. CCS Medical can help you have that freedom.

Quality Diabetic Products That Fit Your Lifestyle 

We can help you find the insulin pump that best fits your lifestyle. Just give us a call, and we’ll walk you through your options for insulin pump therapy and help you make the best decision for you. 

If you’re ready to order your insulin pumps, we can provide you with a variety of brands at the best prices. We’ll even verify your benefits and work with your physician to complete the paperwork for you.  Plus, we ensure that after your insulin pump is shipped, you have training direct from the manufacturer on your insulin pump so you can easily get started.  

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We’re Here to Serve You 

Here at CCS Medical, we care about you. You’ll enjoy our customer service, something that you won’t get from many other medical supply companies offering you insulin pump therapy and diabetes supplies.  Insulin pump therapy can help you control diabetes while allowing you to live a more flexible lifestyle, but sometimes it may be hard to first get started. We call you after you’ve started using the pump to make sure that you’re satisfied.

CCS Medical also conveniently delivers your insulin pump, pump supplies, diabetic testing supplies and insulin directly to your home at no additional charge to you.

Curious About Getting Started? 

Have you been wondering how insulin pump therapy might work for you?  Maybe you have some of these questions:

  • How would an insulin pump fit into my busy life?
  • Is insulin pump therapy really as good as they say?
  • Will my insurance cover an insulin pump?
  • Is it true that I don't need surgery to use an insulin pump?

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If you have an insulin pump you already know how much easier life without daily injections can be. CCS Medical will make your life even easier with convenient home delivery of all your diabetes supplies. If you are already on a pump, find out which supplies can make your journey even better.

Click below to select your pump and find out more about our supplies!

 Medtronic Paradigm® REAL-Time Revel   Animas® One Touch® Ping  ACCU-CHEK® Combo  Insulet OmniPod®

Whether you already use an insulin pump or are new to insulin pump therapy, our friendly staff will help you to get the diabetes products you need, all while giving you greater flexibility and peace of mind.

It only takes one call to start receiving your home delivery medical supplies. Call CCS Medical today at 1-800-599-7521 or complete the enrollment form on the left to have our Customer Service Representatives contact you. 

Enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

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Health and Wellness Tip

Impotence occurs in men who have had diabetes for longer than ten years. The most common cause of impotence is damaged nerves and/or blood vessels in the penis. There are many treatments. Your doctor will try to find which treatment is best for you.