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Insulet OmniPod®

 Reservoir/Cartridge  (Integrated)
 Battery  AAA alkaline for PDM
 Additional Parts  None
 Inserters  (Integrated insertion)
 Brand Infusion Sets  None
 Other Infusion Sets  None        
 Alliance Meters  PDM with integrated FreeStyle® Meter with carrying case
 Alliance Test Strips  FreeStyle®
 Other Meters  Bayer Breeze 2
 Bayer Contour  
 OneTouch® Ultra 2
 OneTouch® Select
 OneTouch® Ultra Smart
 Nova Max
 Prodigy AutoCode Talking
 Roche Aviva
 Roche Compact Plus
 TheraSenseFreestyle Lite
 Other Strips  Bayer Breeze 2
 Bayer Contour
 H.D.I. TRUEread
 H.D.I. Truetrack
 OneTouch Select
 Nova Max®
 Compact drums
 Freestyle Lite
 Control Solution  Freestyle
 Lansing Devices  Owen Mumford Autolet Impression 
 SMS Adjustable 
 SMS Alternate-site Adjustable
 Skin Barriers  Shield Skin Protective
 IV Prep Wipes
 Skin Prep Barrier Wipes
 Skin Tac H Skin Prep Wipes
 Bard® Barrier Film Wipes
 Providone Iodine Prep Pads  
 Adhesives   Mastisol® Liquid Adhesive
 Skin-Tach Liquid Adhesive
 Adhesive Removers  Detachol® Adhesive Remover
 Reliamed® Adhesive Remover Wipes
 Smith & Nephew Uni-solve Adhesive Remover/Wipes  
 Dressings  Polyskin Transparent Dressing
 Reliamed® Transparent Film Dressing
 Opsite Flexigrid Dressing
 Opsite IV 3000 Dressing
 Tegaderm™ HP
 Soft-set Adhesive patches  
 Tapes  Hypafix 
 Hytape Waterproof
 Micropore Tape
 CGM  None                  
 Insulin  Eli Lilly Humulin Mix 70/30 
 Eli Lilly Humalog Mix 75/25 
 Eli Lilly Humalog Mix 50/50
 Eli Lilly Humulin N
 Eli Lilly Humulin R
 Eli Lilly Humalog
 Eli Lilly Humulin R U-500 20 ml
 Novo Nordisk Novolin Mix 70/30
 Novo Nordisk Novolog Mix 70/30               
 Novo Nordisk Novolin N
 Novo Nordisk Novolin R
 Novo Nordisk Novolog
 Novo Nordisk Levemir
 Sanofi Aventis Lantus
 Sanofi Aventis Apidra
 Syringes  Becton Dickinson 1/2cc, 3/10cc, 1 cc 30 gauge
 Becton Dickinson 1/2cc, 3/10cc, 1 cc 28 gauge
 Becton Dickinson 1/2cc, 3/10cc, 1 cc 31 gauge
 Can-Am Care Monoject 1/2cc 28 gauge
 Can-Am Care Monoject 1cc 29 gauge
 Can-Am Care Monoject Ultra 1cc 31 gauge
 Can-Am Care Monoject Ultra Comfort 1cc 28 gauge
 Kendall Healthcare Monoject 1/2 cc,  3/10 cc 29 gauge
 Kendall Healthcare Monoject Short 1/2 cc, 3/10cc   30 gauge
 Terumo Thinpro 1/2cc, 1 cc 28 gauge, 1/2"
 Terumo Thinpro 1/2cc, 3/10 cc  1 cc 29 gauge, 1/2"
 Terumo Thinpro short 1/2cc, 3/10 cc, 1 cc 30 gauge, 3/8"
 Terumo Thinpro short 1/2cc, 3/10 cc 1 cc 31 gauge, 3/8"
 Other Syringes  Sure Comfort 1/2 cc, 1 cc 5/16" 30 gauge
 Sure Comfort 1/2 cc, 1 cc 1/2" 30 gauge
 Pen Needles  Becton Dickinson 29 gauge 1/2"
 Becton Dickinson short 31 gauge, 5/16"
 Becton Dickinson Mini 31 gauge, 3/16"
 Novo Nordisk 32 gauge, 6 mm
 Novo Nordisk 30 gauge, 1/3"
 Owen Mumford Unifine 29 gauge x 12 mm (1/2")
 Owen Mumford Unifine 31 gauge x 6 mm (1/4")
 Owen Mumford Unifine 31 gauge x 6 mm (5/16")
 Insulin Syringes  Apidra Solostar 3 ml
 Humalog 100 unit Kwikpen 3 ml
 Humalog 50/50 Kwikpen 3 ml
 Humalog 75/25 Kwikpen 3 ml
 Humalog 3.0 cartridge
 Lantus Solstar 3 ml
 Levemir Flexpen 3 ml
 Novolog 70/30 Flexpen 3 ml
 Novolog  Flexpen 3 ml
 Novolog Penfill 3 ml/cartridge
 Alcohol Wipes  Kendall Healthcare Curity Alcohol Prep Med 2-ply
 Kendall Healthcare Webcol Alcohol Prep Med 2-ply
 ReliaMed Alcohol Swabs
 Smith & Nephew IV Prep Wipes 50/box

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