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Eating Out

Eating out is a great time to enjoy foods with friends, but it can be confusing with so many choices. These tips can help you. First, select a restaurant wisely by avoid buffets or fast food restaurants. Instead, look for restaurants with healthy options, by remembering less fat and smaller portions. You can check the menu and nutrition facts on line or call ahead. If you wait until you arrive at the restaurant, all the aromas in the air may influence you. Look for foods that are baked, broiled or steamed instead of fried. Check for fruits, vegetables, and salads, and always ask for dressing and sauces on the side. 

Controlling portions is the key when eating out. Some tips to follow are order less, avoid getting appetizers, and ask waiter for a to-go box so half of the meal is taken away before you begin to eat. Take time eating your meal. Enjoy the food and drink small sips of water between bites. Finish the meal without feeling guilty that you ate too much.  

Are you looking for your favorite restaurant meals? 

Most people who eat out enjoy going to Mexican, Italian and Chinese restaurants.

What should you choose at a Mexican restaurant?

The main staples of Mexican foods are corn, beans, and tortillas. These foods are low in fat but extra lard or fat are often added to the refried beans, and deep-fried hard taco shells.  Many of the Mexican dishes contain a lot of cheese and sour cream. These foods may be high in fat and calories. Make these your side items. Ask for extra salsa to add flavor without fat. It is best to pass on the nachos or tortillas chips. If you must, only have a small amount.

Smart choices for a Mexican meal

What should you choose at an Italian restaurant?

Italian food is high in fat and calories. You start with bread and olive oil as an appetizer. Keep in mind, one tablespoon of olive oil has 120 calories and about 15 grams of fat. You can save calories and fat by having one piece. Order a salad with low fat dressing or have it on the side. It is best to avoid pastas stuffed with meat or cheese. They tend to be the highest in fat and calories.  Order the side portion of pasta instead. Choose foods made with marinara sauce over those prepared cream sauces. 

Smart choices for an Italian meal

What should you choose at a Chinese restaurant?

Many Chinese choices are healthy. Choose foods that are steamed, boiled or stir-fried. Another healthy bonus is their dishes have many vegetables. Portions of meat and chicken are often smaller. Avoid breaded or fried meat dishes. Be careful with dishes that are “deep-fried,” “sweet and sour,” or “in plum sauce.”

Smart choices for Chinese meal



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Health and Wellness Tip

Laugh every day.  It can release endorphins, the healing hormones, and act as the body’s natural pain killer.  Rent a funny movie or call a friend that makes you laugh.  This can lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system.