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Diabetes testing patients may
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Get Your Diabetes Testing Supplies from CCS Medical

Stop searching for diabetes supplies and let CCS Medical deliver them to your door. We will ship your diabetic supplies directly to your home at no cost to you, along with a free blood glucose meter in your first shipment. We also bill Medicare or your private insurance for your glucose monitors, blood glucose meters and diabetic test strips, so you won’t have to wait for reimbursement. With some qualified plans you may only pay your co-pay and deductible for your diabetes supplies. It’s as easy as one phone call. 

Maximize Your Insurance on Diabetes Supplies

  • Get the best coverage for your diabetes products with our complimentary insurance verification program.
  • Over the counter items, such as batteries, lancing devices and insulin syringes may be covered by your insurance.

Save Time and Money on Diabetes Testing Supplies

  • Don’t waste gas with multiple trips to the pharmacy. 
  • Enjoy convenient home delivery with no additional cost.

It only takes one call to start receiving your home delivery medical supplies. Call CCS Medical today at 1-800-260-8193 or enroll now to have one of our Customer Service Representatives contact you. 

Enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

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Health and Wellness Tip

Check your portion sizes.   Get to know how various foods and portion sizes affect your blood sugar.  If you are not sure what a food item will do to your blood sugar, use your meter to check before eating the item and again 2 hours later to see what happens.